We help Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children “Give kids back their childhood!”

Our partnership Scottish Rite Hospital began in 2006, with our first Cotton Patch Challenge, and it is still going strong! In fact, thanks to our customer’s participation, we’ve donated over $1 MILLION DOLLARS to help provide exceptional medical care to children across the Southwest and beyond.

And the support doesn’t stop there! We’re always cookin’ up something fun to celebrate these brave young kids year round, like Cooking Camp, impromptu parties for patients and more.

Meet ALFONSO – age 15

Alfonso, of Bedford, has been coming to see the experts at Scottish Rite Hospital since he was 5 years old. Alfonso dreams of one day becoming an English teacher and his favorite book is Perks of Being a Wallflower. His prosthetist Kara Davis describes him as a “very funloving, active kid” and his adventurous spirit is infectious to all who meet him. For the past two years, Alfonso has traveled to Winter Park, Colorado, with 13 other amputee patients from Scottish Rite Hospital. On the trip, Alfonso and the other teens were able to forge new friendships, grow old friendships and learn to ski in the Rocky Mountains.

Meet AVA – age 10

Ava, of Edmond, first came to Scottish Rite Hospital in October 2017. In December 2017, Ava had spinal fusion surgery to correct severe disk slippage in her lower back. As an avid soccer, swimming and basketball athlete, getting Ava healthy and back to her full level of play was of top priority. Ava’s family is most grateful to Scottish Rite Hospital for the comfort the staff provided to put their minds at ease, even as their daughter was about to undergo a major surgery. As she continues down her road to a full recovery, Ava is looking forward to a summer filled with family time and trips to the pool.

Meet MYLYN – age 11

Mylyn, of Albuquerque, has been a patient at Scottish Rite Hospital since 2013. As a competitive cheerleader, Mylyn’s prosthetic leg isn’t what you’re noticing when she lands her standing back tuck or round-off back handspring! Due to fibular hemimelia, Mylyn had a symes amputation as a 16-month-old baby. Mylyn comes to Scottish Rite Hospital to visit her doctor and to visit the experts in their Prosthetics and Orthotics Department. The care she receives from the hospital allows her to travel with her competitive team to more than eight national competitions a year. Mylyn’s favorite part of competition day is the time spent as a team backstage where they’re able to pump each other up for another dynamic performance.

Meet ROBERT – age 10

Robert, of Little Rock, has been seeing the experts at Scottish Rite Hospital since the summer of 2016. Robert was born with a genetic condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital. In addition to weakness in Robert’s muscles, arthrogryposis also causes his joints to be severely contractured or “stuck” in fixed positions. After multiple surgeries and therapy from his team at Scottish Rite Hospital, Robert is walking on his two prosthetic legs and is learning to utilize the bendable joints in his elbows, hands and fingers. Robert’s favorite part of the hospital is the staff. He loves spending time with his doctors, prosthetic designers and friends in the Child Life playroom. He also enjoys reading, playing with Legos and spending time with his adoptive family.