Here at Cotton Patch Cafe we believe in serving what we’re best at, for the good of our guests. Sure, that means food, but it also means serving each other and the communities we’re a part of. Any restaurant will feed you; it’s our pleasure to welcome you. That’s what Texas hospitality is all about. And it’s our pleasure to serve.

Cotton Patch Cafe knows that as soon as you start cutting corners, the secret ingredient goes right out the window. And for anyone who thinks you can’t taste love, we’ve got a table waitin’ for you. But love isn’t the only thing we season our food with – we use actual seasonings, too. Where some may skimp on flavor because it’s “just a side” or “that’s what ketchup’s for,” we’re proud of every single item on our menu. And we believe part of showing love to people means making sure your food tastes really, really good.

We’re wholesome: we deliver well-being to body and soul. We’re the best parts of old-fashioned, making food from scratch with no additives or preservatives. We also aim to be a wholesome part of the fabric of the communities we operate in as well.

We’re Texan: and if you’re not, that’s okay. We’re warm, welcoming, hospitable and true. We’re neighborly, generous, friendly and loyal. And while there’s plenty to take pride in, well, we try to stay humble anyway.

We’re local: we have an open-door policy to friends, neighbors and strangers alike, and we’ve always got something going in the kitchen for them. We know our guests and our communities, and we’re a part of them just like they’re a part of our restaurants.

Our name is a tribute to the rich agricultural heritage of Texas and the fabric of our community. In the heart of Texas, cotton reigns supreme, not just as the #1 crop export but as a symbol of our state’s enduring spirit and resilience.

At Cotton Patch Cafe, we draw inspiration from this legacy. Our name is a nod to the cotton fields that stretch across the Texas landscape, a testament to the state’s role as a leader in cotton production on the global stage. This connection goes beyond mere words; it’s woven into the very essence of what we do. Just as cotton is a staple of the Texas economy, our cafe aims to be a staple in the lives of our guests, offering a place where warmth, hospitality, and delicious food come together to create unforgettable experiences.

We pride ourselves on serving up hearty, home-cooked meals that capture the essence of Texas cuisine. Each dish is prepared with the same care and attention to detail that the farmers put into their crops, ensuring that every bite is a celebration of our state’s bounty.

So, whether you’re here for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, we invite you to join us at Cotton Patch Cafe. Let’s celebrate the rich history and bright future of Texas together, one plate at a time.